Letter from Dr. Ferguson Reid


I am sending you this email because I am concerned about the future of America as a Democracy, a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. I am also concerned about the health of the people who make up this Democracy, that is why many of us are supporting Universal, Single Payer Health Care for All as embodied in HR 676 and S703.

Robert Reich explains how our enemy, Pharma, Insurance and For Profit Health Institutions plan to kill any attempt to change the present set up (The Healthcare War is Now Official ). They have won the initial battle with ease when they set up a False Flag Organization pushing the Public Private Plan as a better approach than Single Payer (we are all familiar with the technique of Divide and Conquer). Many of our supporters fell into the trap. Hopefully, now that the trap has been sprung, they will join us in our battle.

In his article 119 Millions Americans Must be Wrong, Robert Parry gives an example of how MONEY buys the vote of elected officials which results in an arrogance directed to the people who they are supposed to represent, "Baucus has kept a single-payer option "off the table" during the debate even as he claimed "all options are on the table." He also has suggested that Congress might have to "sculpt" any public option. "Single Payer will not be on the table!" "Officer arrest those people" Is that they type of Democracy we expect and we deserve? I don't think so!

I know what you're thinking, "I have heard all of this before, now what are we going to do about it?"

First you must understand that this is a high stakes war. Our enemy, the Insurance Companies, Pharma and the For Profits stand to lose billions if HR 676 passes. We have to attack the weakest link in the whole political process. Your Representative in Congress is the weakest link.

We must establish battlefields in each Congressional District. Those of us who are involved in the endeavor are sending this email to all of you asking you to do two things.

Click the link to complete the online form. Your information will be given to the Congressional District coordinator who will contact you with specific ways to be involved in your CD. We are also seeking City/County Coordinators as well as Precinct coordinators. When you complete the form the information is automatically entered into a database. This information will be filtered by Congressional District and forwarded to the respective Congressional District Coordinators. We will also send suggestions on how to make your Congressional District an effective 676 lobbying group.

We are asking you to email this letter to everyone on your email list. If you follow thru, we will soon have over 50,000 names in each Congressional District, enough to remind our Congress persons that they are in Washington to represent us and not the Special Interest groups.

Remember that each Congressional District is autonomous; our only role is to receive the information and forward to the Congressional Districts periodically. Of course, if you have any questions regarding organizing your Congressional District for political action, please email or call!

William Ferguson (Fergie) Reid, MD, MPH
(804) 270-7342

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